Volunteering at Rafto

Are you interested in working as volunteer? Read more about our volunteer groups in Bergen and Oslo.

Bergen student voulnteer group

The work to organise the Rafto Prize is led by Rafto Foundation employees in cooperation with the Rafto student group and other volunteers. The main events linked to the Rafto Prize are a press conference in September where the Rafto Prize laureate is announced, an academic conference and Rafto Prize award ceremony. All events take place in Bergen, Norway. If you find the work interesting, and are considering joining the student group, please contact student leader 2021, Ruth Sofie Hillesund - Mail: ruth.hillesund@rafto.no

Volunteering for the Rafto Prize events: During our events relatetd to the annual Rafto Prize in October/November, we also have a group of voluteers to help us with various practial tasks. If you are interrested to hear more about this, please contact Sunniva Ingholm,sunniva.ingholm@rafto.no

Rafto x NHHS

RaftoxNHHS is a student group at the NHH Norwegian School of Economics. The purpose of the group is to create a platform for NHH students, and to put business and human rights on the agenda.

The group has 18 members, and is divided into three subgroups that run podcasts, feature articles and events. Although the group is based at NHH Norwegian School of Economics, it is open to all students who are interested in business and human rights. Admission of new members takes place at the beginning of each semester. Are you considering joining the Rafto x NHHS group, please contact leader Ada Gjedebo Hetland, ingrid.ahlsen@rafto.no

Oslo volunteer group

The Oslo volunteer group assists the administration in Bergen with events in relation to the Rafto Prize in November. The group also facilitates and organises various events in Oslo, initiated by the administration or by members of the Oslo group. Other tasks includes the expansion of the use of the Democracy Cake. Are you considering joining the Rafto Oslo group, please contact leader Ingeborg Laugerud, oslo@rafto.no


Liv Unni Stuhaug

Project Coordinator, the Rafto Prize
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Phone:+47 481 53 309
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